TBT Coloring Page: Bugaboo

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It’s almost Halloween and we have a sweet treat for you! Our vintage Bugaboo print is perfect for celebrating the spooky holiday that children love. It featured fun ghouls and silly monsters who are looking for tricks and treats of all kinds. Your kids will enjoy coloring this page as they get ready for Halloween fun. Download it here or by clicking on the image above. Here’s what the print looked like:


Wild Things

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Last week we launched our Wild Things print which we love for it’s funny, zany characters. It’s named for a book we all know and love, Where The Wild Things Are. I read this book to my son now and then. He loves the character of Max. Similarly, he loves the character from Pierre, another Sendak favorite (We have the Nutshell Library, which is adorable). What do these boys have in common? They are naughty, rambunctious and completely attractive to a four-year-old.

My son, Otis, is completely testing his boundaries right now. He just turned four in September, and he is truly a Wild Thing. Jumping on the couch is a no-no in our house, yet it happens all the time. He is very intrigued by “naughty” behavior. It makes him laugh and I think he likes the feeling of being a little bit “bad”. So, we are constantly talking about limits and trying not to overreact to little things, just focusing on the big stuff that really is a no-no.

The hardest thing about four is the unbridled energy, yet this is also one of the most fun things about four. The trick is channeling that energy to your advantage when possible. Sometimes you just have to let the kids go crazy for 10 minutes while you throw dinner together or get the dishwasher loaded and hope that no one hurts themselves, but I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve…


FAMILY SIMON SAYS–Everyone wins! You are playing with the kids, you can do all kinds of zany stuff, it’s controlled yet they feel like they are being crazy, plus it’s fun for everyone! Simon says pretend your a chicken, Simon says pretend you are jumping rope! We do things to get their energy out but we also incorporate some stretching and yoga poses so my husband and I can unwind a little. This is especially fun to do after dinner and before the bedtime routine, when my kids always seem to be going nuts.

ASK YOUR KIDS FOR HELP–I know this sounds crazy, but kids really do like it when you ask them to help you do things. My 18-month-old is even starting to “help” a little bit. I can give her a paper towel and ask her to clean up and she’ll do it! Sometimes I ask them to take out the playdoh and make an appetizer for dinner, sometimes I ask them to make everyone place cards (Otis loves this because he is learning letters) and decorate them, sometimes I let them stand at the sink and play with the water while I’m trying to get things done. They just need to feel like they are a part of what you’re doing, even if it’s just an illusion.

ENCOURAGE THEM TO MAKE ART–I am very lucky that both my children are good at focusing when they have a fun project in front of them. Even if they are acting crazy and running around, I can usually tempt them to sit down and enjoy a project if it is interesting enough. Neither of them loves coloring books, but they love stickers and my son really loves doodle books. There are lots of great resources online for drawing inspiration. I especially love Picklebums. She has great “drawing prompts” (like this monster one) and all other kinds of resources. The Artful Parent is also a wonderful site with tons of great ideas, including this post that has 75+ Creative Drawing Ideas For Kids! And don’t forget about the great coloring pages we offer each week right here on our blog!


Taming the wild is definitely challenging, especially when it’s a fine balance. I want my kids to feel free and experience bliss, yet I want them to have boundaries too. I personally find this creative guidance a fun part of parenting, no matter how exhausting it can be. Share your tips with me by commenting on this post!

YOUR WEEKLY Z: Oopsie Daisy

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Next week we launch Oopsie Daisy, the companion print to Wild Things, both of which are great for pairing with our Navy & Apple Stripe. Oopsie Daisy is a wintry floral with a rich color palette and a flowing, water-color style. Here we feature an adorable outfit, perfect for cooler months. Pair a Petal Pals Baby Loop Top with a Navy & Apple Stripe Baby Ruffle Cardigan and Oopsie Daisy Baby Pants. As accents add in a Pool Cozie Baby Hat and our Exclusive Green Dream Double Cozie Baby Color Block Booties. Shop the whole outfit here or by clicking on the link above!