YOUR WEEKLY Z: Owls Everywhere

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Do you love Zutano Owls? Here are a few cute ways to add Zutano Owls to your little girl’s room in the form of accessories! Our pink Owls Nursery Lamp provides soft light and cute style when placed on a dresser or side table. Have a little coin collector? An Owl Bank would be perfect for her. And our Owls Purse is fluffy and adorable–not only great for toting things around but also good for cuddling! Whooo Whooo can resist these adorable feathered friends?

Frozen Fun

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It’s summer and it’s hot. When my kids want a treat I tend to go to the freezer for an ice pop. While a simple cherry or watermelon skinny pop will do, I kind of love how popsicles have become an art form these days. People are getting really creative with bright colors, layers, and unusually fun ingredients. Yum! There are so many different ways to make popsicles and different ways to design them and, as usual, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas. Here’s a round up of some fun things I’ve found recently. It’s hard to choose just a few…

Stripes seem to be a theme–multiple liquid ingredients in one pop that give color and make eating them even more fun. I have a Zoku Quick Pop maker which makes layering to create stripes very easy. These Whole Fruit Popsicles from the view from great island sound yummy and are beautiful to look at–like eating a rainbow! Or try these Rootbeer Float Popsicles–less healthy but definitely tasty-looking. These Mango Coconut Striped Popsicles from the Pastry Affair look so delicious and refreshing, my mouth is watering as I set the hyperlink.


Another fun thing to do with popsicles is to add whole fruit, candy, or even sprinkles to them to create great texture and add even more color. The Zoku comes with some small tools that let you cut ingredients into the shapes of stars and circles to insert into the pop. Whole fruit is a great choice for adding to pops and this recipe for Honey Yogurt pops adds blueberries and cherries. I also love the combination of flavors in these simple Cantaloupe and Strawberry popsicles. Or you can even try gummy bear pops with Sprite for a super sweet treat.

Looking for unusual flavors? A Beautiful Mess created Brown Butter Popsicles that sound decadent and delicious. Or how about Avocado Ice Pops? When I lived in San Francisco, the amazing Mitchell’s Ice cream was just a few blocks away from me (a dangerous habit) and they made a uniquely luscious avocado flavor. I have even found some fantastic-sounding alcoholic popsicles (sometimes referred to as “poptails”) for you to try out at your next adult-gathering. One that really caught my fancy was Boozy Grapefruit, Basil and Vodka Popsicles.

A great round up of mouth-watering popsicles can be found on the glitterguide if you want to explore more. Healthy or indulgent, popsicles are a unique staple of summer, and a fun way to show both your color and flavor creativity. All this popsicle talk is reminding me of our Sorbetti print from a few years back. Isn’t it cute?


Popsicles are also a great way to get your baby trying new flavors and eating fruits (and veggies–check out these Beets & Berries pops!). Be sure not to forget about our great selection of baby bibs which are perfect for pairing with these icy summer treats.

TBT Coloring Page: Sorbetti!

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We’ve got a fun post about popsicles coming later on today, so we thought the coloring page should feature our vintage Sorbetti print! Download it here or by clicking on the image. Sorbetti was full of fun summer colors reminiscent of ice pops and beach umbrellas. Here’s what it looked like:

184 sorbetti