Tips For Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery

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If you haven’t checked out our new nursery line of cribs and dressers or our fantastic new wall decals, you should do so before reading this post! Our wall decals provide a great starting point to setting up baby’s room, providing fun themes, and our furniture can set the mood for the color scheme.


Designing your baby’s room can be a daunting task, especially if you are doing so beforehand (checkout this previous post I wrote regarding this subject in 2011), but there are a few easy things you can do to start the process and make it fun. Here are a few tips:

1. A little paint goes a long way. In my son’s first room at our old house we painted two of the walls a bright green. “Lime Rickey” it was called. It was a tiny room with pocket walls, and I felt having the whole room green would be way too overwhelming. Just a touch of it worked really well, plus when you want to use very bright colors it’s nice to have them as just an accent with a neutral color dominating. I can see doing this with tangerine orange or lilac purple as well.


2. Choose art that you love. You are going to spend a lot of time in this room, so you should choose art and wall hangings that you love. Maybe you already have some artwork you know would look great in a baby’s room, for example a landscape painting with cheerful colors or an animal photograph. A vintage quilt that has been in your family for a long time could be hung on the wall or a collage made of nature photos taken by you or your partner could become a focal point. Then take a look through our wall decal collection for great ideas on how to accent the artwork you choose and decorate the walls!

3. Storage bins work. Whether it’s simple baskets with lids, toy boxes, toy bins or a dresser, having storage pieces in the nursery works to your advantage for stowing away items. Children have the natural skill of getting all the toys on the floor in a matter of seconds. This happens on a daily basis in every room of your home once your child is old enough to grab things, so quick and easy clean up is a priority. My 18-month-old loves to pull out all her books and look at them, so we now keep them in a basket with a lid so she can easily get to them and we can easily put them away!


4. Have extra essentials. When my son was a baby, there were so many times when his changing pad would get soiled or his sheet would get wet and I would not have a clean one on hand. I wisened up with my daughter and realized that three was the magic number. For her room we have three fitted sheets and three changing pad covers, so even when one is in use and one is in the hamper, there is usually a spare clean one on hand. The same goes for extra diapers and wipes. It is chaos when we run out of diapers, wipes or diaper cream, so I try to make sure we buy more before we run out. The “rule of three” goes for pacifiers and toothbrushes as well–those little items that seem to disappear before your very eyes.

5. Don’t be predictable. Choose aqua and lime instead of pinks and purples, even if you know you are having a girl. Make the nursery more neutral with oranges, yellows and greens. Frame an old drawing or painting you did in high school or make a shadow box with items you loved when you were a child. There are so many ways to make your baby’s room a little different and special.

YOUR WEEKLY Z: Wild Things

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Our fun new Wild Things print is full of fun characters–dinosaur monster aliens to be precise! We love the rich, wintery color palette which inspires fun holiday outfit pairings. These wild things are sure to liven up your little boy’s wardrobe! This week we feature an adorable ensemble for baby boy 6-24m, including our Cozie Combo Top and Terry Zipper Jacket. Shop the pieces here or by clicking on the image above!

TBT Coloring Page: Aviation

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This week we are talking about our fun new Wall Decals which can transform your child’s nursery or playroom into an even more colorful, imaginative space. One of the decal sets features Aviation, a vintage Zutano print with the fun subject of air travel! Download the coloring page here or by clicking on the image above. Here’s what the print looked like: