YWZ: Booties!

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Have you tried Zutano booties? Our customers love them because of the easy snap system that is secure and adjustable (two snaps for growing feet and ankles). Because of the design, our booties really stay on your baby’s feet, yet they are comfortable and soft, with a tongue that provides great coverage. And we have so many options! From 100% cotton in prints and stripes to Cozie with cotton lining, to our newest release (limited edition and exclusive to our site)–double Cozie booties (fleece outside and in). If you haven’t put a pair of these on your baby, hop to it! We know you will love them.

TBT Coloring Page: Mr. Grizz

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This week we launched our amazing new Furry Baby Zipper Suit (have you checked it out? It’s 100% adorable), so we thought it appropriate to make a Mr. Grizz coloring page. Mr. Grizz is a vintage bear print full of brown and black bears who are cycling, hibernating and throwing footballs; you know, all the things that playful bears tend to do in the fall. Download the fun coloring page here or by clicking on the image above. Here’s what the print looked like:


Fun Crafts For Fall

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Fall is arriving next week–are you ready? We’ve already had some cold nights here in Vermont and I’ve put the kids’ shorts and sleevelss shirts to bed in the summer bins. Fall means a little more time inside, so here are some craft ideas to get your seasonal creative juices flowing.

Last weekend Otis and I collected acorns. We hiked up into the park behind our house and collected as many as our little basket could hold with the plan of making some sort of holiday ornaments out of them. Acorns are so beautiful, I love how they can easily be turned into little people since they already look like they have faces and are wearing woolen caps! I found a great acorn doll tutorial from vlijtig here. Otis and I painted ours with acrylic paints. This post from Home Stories A to Z walks you through the easy process of painting them.


Another great, simple idea I found for a fall craft are Autumn Leaf Suncatchers from Fireflies and Mudpies–collect colorful fall leaves, put them between two sheets of contact paper and cut them into different shapes, like apples. We have one of these at home that we did with glitter and it’s been on our window for two years now! Even though the leaves have all turned brown, it still looks pretty.

My last favorite find is Fall Tree “Snow Globes” from frugalfun4boys. This easy craft uses colored foil leaves, mason jars, a branch, water and glycerin to create a fun globe. I like this craft because there are so many variations. I could see hot gluing some animals to the tree, like a tiny plastic owl or squirrel, or a bear to the bottom of the lid, or adding glitter to the water or foil confetti. This craft will last a long time too and can sit on your child’s shelf as a room decoration.

Have fun with your little ones as you start to bring your projects indoors!