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YWZ: Booties!

September 26, 2014 • admin


Have you tried Zutano booties? Our customers love them because of the easy snap system that is secure and adjustable (two snaps for growing feet and ankles). Because of the design, our booties really stay on your baby’s feet, yet they are comfortable and soft, with a tongue that provides great coverage. And we have so many options! From 100% cotton in prints and stripes to Cozie with cotton lining, to our newest release (limited edition and exclusive to our site)–double Cozie booties (fleece outside and in). If you haven’t put a pair of these on your baby, hop to it! We know you will love them.


October 22, 2013 • admin


This week we are celebrating our fabulous booties at our web boutique! Beloved by many, Zutano booties come in Cozie and stripes plus our fun new Knitwit print. Our booties have a two-snap design that make them easy to wear and allow them to grow with your baby. They also do a great job staying on your baby’s feet due to the long tongue and comfortable ankle elastic. Plus, they are great at keeping little toes warm and cozy. Be sure to visit our site this week and get your mits on a new pair. When you add booties to your order you get free shipping!

3 No-Fail Zutano Styles

August 31, 2013 • Vicki Kuskowski

As we ready ourselves for fall and all the craziness back to school brings, I started thinking about Zutano styles that are great for transitioning to a cooler season, and for dressing ease when parents are on the go. I chose three items that I really love because of their versatility and comfort, not to mention the color options and unique style.


1. Reversible Hoodies: Zutano reversible hoodies not only are easy to wear and zip (for toddlers learning to dress themselves), they are also warmer than your average hoodie because of the double layer of soft, thick Interlock cotton. Additionally, they have a print on the outside and solid on the inside, which allows for a lot more mixing and matching with outfits. Plus, if your little one spills something on one side while you are out and about, you can always do a swticheroo and have a brand new sweatshirt on the other side! Wearing on the printed side is also a really nice way to dress up an outfit. You can even pair these hoodies with button shirts and bow ties! Hoodies are available in both baby and toddler size ranges.

2. Booties: Zutano booties would win a longevity contest, hands down, because of the unique snap system. The bootie is shaped with a long tongue, similar to that of a shoe, with two pieces that wrap around and snap in place (adjustable snaps accommodate growing feet). These booties are comfortable and warm. My son wore them up until he started walking and my daughter will do the same. They last forever. I have hand-me-downs from my nephew who is now eight and they are still going strong. Zutano booties are also great in cool weather either paired with socks or worn solo. They wash easily just like all our garments. Plus, they are available in fun cotton stripes and sherpa fleece Cozie solids, so you can have a whole array for mixing and match. Booties are now available in newborn and 3m sizes in addition to 6-18m.

3. Footies: Zutano footies are no-fail because they have everything built right in–pants, check! socks, check! long sleeves, check! They have snaps that go from neck to ankle, making diaper changes extra easy–just keep the top snapped and unsnap the bottom when baby’s on the changing table. The added touches of solid color on the trim and bottom of the feet make them unique and suitable for special outings. This is the most colorful all-in-one outfit you can find, and it’s available in both newborn and baby sizes!