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Weekly Z: All About the Booties!

February 25, 2016 • admin


Here at Zutano, we’re coming to terms with a realization. We’re well-known for our fun and lively patterns, our adorable dresses for baby girls, our versatily reversible hoodies for toddler boys, and of course, the cuddly essential cozie elf suit. However, we know what you guys want the most: our booties! If you’re a new parent, you may be wondering, what’s the big deal? We’ll tell you.

They’re comfortable

Our unique two-snap design means these are not only easy to slip on wriggly feet, they’re also adjustable. The all-fabric design means no pinched or squished toes, just soft, cuddly warmth.

Tons of styles and patterns

Looking for the perfect bootie to match your new Zutano Onesie? We’ve got you covered. Tons of coordinating patterns as well as solid colors are available, in a soft cloth or cozie fleece. Plus, we’re constantly coming out with new patterns with every new collection. Above are some of our fun new spring style booties, Enzo’s Elephants and Hot Pink Candy Stripe.

These Booties STAY ON.

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon hunting under cabinets and dressers for that one sock junior just keeps kicking off somehow, you know how important this one is.

We’ve got grippers!

Once your little one starts taking their fist steps, they’ll need a little more stability than the standard sock or soft slipper. With this in mind, we’ve also added special grippers to some of our larger-sized booties to prevent slipping.

Check out our full collection of booties here: Zutano Booties 

YWZ: Booties!

September 26, 2014 • admin


Have you tried Zutano booties? Our customers love them because of the easy snap system that is secure and adjustable (two snaps for growing feet and ankles). Because of the design, our booties really stay on your baby’s feet, yet they are comfortable and soft, with a tongue that provides great coverage. And we have so many options! From 100% cotton in prints and stripes to Cozie with cotton lining, to our newest release (limited edition and exclusive to our site)–double Cozie booties (fleece outside and in). If you haven’t put a pair of these on your baby, hop to it! We know you will love them.

YOUR WEEKLY Z: Take A Cozie Road Trip

October 25, 2013 • admin

Our new Road Trip print has a great fall color palette for boys with rich blues and vibrant greens. It’s full of movement and playful renderings of trucks, cars, buses, you name it! It also pairs very nicely with our new gray cozie or classic pool or pagoda. Here are outfit ideas for both baby and toddler:


1: For baby try a Road Trip Reversible Hoodie paired with a Lime Shirt and Pagoda Terry Pants. Add in some Cozie with a Pool Cozie Hat and Gray Cozie Booties and you’ve got a great warm outfit for when you are on the go. 2: For toddler pair a Road Trip Long Sleeve Shirt with a Gray Cozie Hoodie and Apple Matchstick Jeans. Add a Pagoda Shaggy Hat to the mix and you will be ready for a cool weather adventure.